Christian and Ben share their combined 40+ years experience as professional, serial entrepreneurs and web marketers via this blog and twice a  week Podcasts.

Topics include starting a  web based business, using social media, tools of the trade,Viral Marketing, team building and generally how to be successful online in this fiercely competitive marketplace.

We like to think we've made the mistakes and share them with you so that you don't have to step on those mines. It takes some of the pain away 😉

Christian and Ben first started working together to help struggling entrepreneur's back in 2000 while running a technology incubator "Technoloft". Since then we have both had tremendous success and horrible failures. We like to think we learned more from our missteps than from our triumphs.

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  1. Jennifer Fender

    RE: Guest Expert Request to be featured on the Success U Podcast Show

    Dear Christian & Ben:

    My name is Jennifer Fender. I work with Murray Smith who is a serial-entrepreneur, speaker, author and business strategist. Murray co-authored the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling book, The Answer, which explains how you can grow any business, achieve financial freedom and live an extraordinary life. You may learn more about him at The purpose of this email is to inquire about having Murray featured as an expert on your podcast show?

    I understand your show focuses how to help entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes you have overcome and how to become more success with their businesses online. Murray can add value by helping your listeners with what needs to be in place offline prior to using any medium of marketing. He has found that many clients do not properly identify who their messages are geared toward before using multiple mediums to target them. Murray can offer additional value to your show by helping your listeners be able to first focus on what the critical few things required offline to make their choice of marketing more effective online. Some topics suggestion could be the following;

    – Identify your real “Ideal Client” it may not be who you think it is
    – Determine your “Unique Positioning” and close the sale
    – Create a “Sales Process” that attracts more clients

    Murray’s business success and his ability to share practical advice could be a great addition to your show. He is extremely passionate, plain speaking, direct, relevant, entertaining and humble. He has started or turned around 13 different businesses including Indian Motorcycle, American Brands and Dave and Busters (Canada). He’s been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Forbes, and Entrepreneur as well as on CNN CBS, NBC, CNBC and hundreds of other media. He currently owns 3 businesses dedicated to helping small business owners achieve their dreams.

    Please contact me directly to discuss having Murray featured on your show or additional topics that may be of interest. My number and email is listed below.

    Warm regards,


    Jennifer Fender
    T: 801.330.4349

  2. dotty

    I am writing to introduce you to a potential guest for your program. Ron McElroy is an entrepreneur and real estate developer with many lessons to share with your audience.
    Ron knows what it is like to come from the wrong side of the tracks. A native Hawaiian who grew up in southern California, his family battled mental illness, abuse, drugs, and alcohol. But despite the overwhelming odds, he went on to enjoy a career on the amateur surfing circuit and ultimately built a real estate development empire and a series of co-working locations for entrepreneurs in southern California (Real Office Centers:
    If you would like to interview Ron, please contact us or reach him directly:
    Contact: Ron McElroy
    Phone: 949-629-2502
    Thank you kindly for your consideration.
    Warm regards,

  3. Andy Curry

    I like your show very much.

    I provide a free 5-day training showing professionals and other small business owners how to generate their own leads online.

    I also give online seminars on the top 10 ways to market your business on Facebook.

    That said, would you like some clips to show your audience?


    Andy Curry
    Grizzly Marketing, Inc.

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