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Return of the Success U - Entrepreneur Podcast

Many years ago, I started this site, and the subsequent entrepreneur podcast, in association with a new business venture. Over time, success and opportunities overwhelmed my ability to stay on top of Success U, it fell to the wayside. I have always wanted to bring it back, but as weeks turned into months and months into years, the dream faded. It needed a spark, something to give reason to the desire. Recently, that spark has arrived.

The old show focused on telling the tales of veteran entrepreneurs. There was a lot to learn, and gain from their/our stories. For me, though, it was a story already told, the tales had run their course. I, always wanted to bring in the hope and desire that represents the beginning of the story instead of focusing on the conclusion. I didn't recognize it at the time, but it had a certain sense of finality. The new show will focus on the newest generation of entrepreneurs. Coaching and guiding ideas from the rough conception to a thriving (hopefully) business. I have my first mentee, who as it happens, will also help produce the show. I will be looking for others, who are looking to begin their own story, and are looking for a seasoned coach to help guide them along the path. If that is you, leave a comment with a little info on you and maybe we will work together to write your story.

Get It Done or Give up Now


You will not succeed in your own business if you do not fully commit to your success. You demonstrate your commitment in every action you make. Every minute spent working for someone else, checking out Facebook, watching tv or anything else not related to your enterprise is a minute your competition has to gain an advantage on you. There is no longer 3 months, 6 months or a year to get your product out into the market. you need to get it out into the hands of your customers NOW. Don't wait for perfection, understand that good enough really is. In the end you must make your own success in business and life..

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