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Understanding Article Automation

Article Automation can drastically increase the amount of inbound links your website receives in a very short period of time. In my experience you can gain several thousand links to your page from a wide array of websites with just a few hours of work. It is without a doubt one of the most valuable tools, to the online entrepreneur.

Article Automation is possibly the easiest way of increasing your organic search traffic. But first you must first understand the basics of SEO, to really gain the benefit. If you have not already done so I recommend you read my earlier article on Search Engine Optimization. Most of the time people who are submitting articles do not appropriately develop their SEO strategy, and consequently their use of Article Automation ends up being a waste of effort. Don't make the same mistake. Make every effort count.

What is Article Automation?

In my Online Marketing Basics article I gave the following description of this topic:

Article Automation – This is a service that takes your content and distributes it to a wide range of other websites. You write an article, submit it, and other websites, potentially thousands of them, post it to their site.

Simple enough, right? Can't be... there must be more to it than that. Don't over-think, it really is as simple as that. Write an article, submit it and if it is approved it will posted onto tens, hundreds or even thousands of websites. Easy, Breezy.

However, to have a shot at actually getting your article approved there are quite a few considerations you must take into account when using an article automation service.

5 Fast and Easy Rules of Article Automation

  1. Google does not like duplicate content as much as it does unique information - Don't post the article on your own website.
  2. Most of the submission sites only allow 2-3 links - Only have 2 links that point to your website in your submission.
  3. Article Automation systems dislike both too long and too short articles - Write articles that are 350-750 words long.
  4. Include both a long tail and a fat belly keyword in the article.
  5. Article Automation sites post to a wide variety of websites, that are broken down by category. - Make sure you pick categories when submitting that are actually relevant to your article.

My Article Automation Plan

I always start with research. I try to find a few keywords, related to my website, that have either very low or very weak competition. I could go into a whole other post on just making this specific determination. basically look for keywords/terms that have search results that don't seem to actually relate to your search directly. This often ends up giving you Long Tail terms.

More often than not, these terms are the exact topic that I will write my article about. Being that my site is all about the topic and due to the fact that the keywords are directly relevant to my site, I am an obviously an expert in the topic and therefore my article will end up totally amazing and the definitive source for said topic... Right? It was worth a shot.

So, I write an outline. This starts as quick bullet points that touch on the all the important aspects of the subject that I am going to cover. With the outline in hand I flesh it out. It is common to realize in this process that I will be covering enough information to make several articles. GREAT, that is exactly what you want. My finished article should end up being at least a thousand words.

As you probably noticed from rule #3 above, this is too long for consideration on almost all Article Automation sites. Do not fret, all of this hard work will be worth it and you will not be editing it down to nothing. Just make sure you get everything down. It should end up as a very comprehensive document.

Editing is next. I clean up the mega post, fix errors, and add even more detail. This can often increase the word count considerably.

It is important that this article is quite thorough and very well thought out. It should also, where relevant, have links pointing to other parts of your website, and even outside content.

Regarding the links, I typically treat it them in the following way: if it points to an internal page I make sure the link text is a good keyword related to the referenced page. If the link is to an outside website I will make the link text the name of the website I am referring to.

Once this article is solid, and worthy of posting, I put it on my own website... That's right, this Uber Article is content for my site. It is the most exhaustive and well thought out article on the topic that i can produce. it is valuable content that I have poured my soul into, why would I give that away? These articles become what I call "Pillar Content". They are the structure that my entire SEO plan will be based around. This article in no way will be put on anyone else's site. The idea is to create the most valuable resource for the topic, and I want it on MY website.

So what about the Article Automation submissions? What will I send them? Glad you asked.

I  strip down my pillar content into a summary or primer. I take the time to rewrite the whole thing and I often find it best to break it up into several smaller articles. I also now include the two links, both of them pointing back to the Uber article that now resides on my website.

The reason for all of this comes down to how Google looks at the various links and articles. Your article automation post resides on hundreds of other websites with basically identical content. Because of that each individual post will not SEO all that well, even though you did an awesome job making sure the post is intelligent and useful. However all of them link back to your well SEO'd  "One of a Kind" article that is full of detail and valuable content. Further more your pillar content points to more information on your website and increases the importance of those posts as well as itself. Google loves all of this. Many keyword links, coming into the page that are directly relevant to the content on the page. If done right you should be able to get your Uber article/pillar content in the top 3 places of the google first page for the long tail and at least the first or second page for the fat belly within a few weeks.

The power of Article Automation is only as useful as your overall SEO strategy and implementation. Use it wisely and it will gain you organic traffic by the thousands. Abuse it and, well... expect to be slapped by Google.

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