The success or failure of most start-ups can be determined even before the company is formed, just by looking at the founding team. So how do you create a team that is likely to be successful?

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First "Know thy self". Without really knowing yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and what drives you. You cannot hope to build a team that will motivate, encourage and strengthen your short-comings.
There are a great many tools for "defining" personality types such as the Jung Myers Briggs, Kiersey and the EQ. Each of these have their strengths and weaknesses. And they all do a good enough job for what you need.
Determine where you fit and find people that are strong where you are weak.
To use Basketball as an analogy, if you are a great Center, building a team full of other centers will not be as strong as a team made up of a Center, a couple of Guards and a couple of Forwards. And the best team will have great players at all positions.
You cannot be the master of all trades, bu from time to time you might need to be everything from Chief Cook to Bottle Washer. When I build a team I look for well rounded people that can handle multiple jobs but who are expert at one.
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