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In this podcast I talk about viral marketing, what it means, and how you can use it to sell your products or services. Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing are very closely related and both are parts of the same whole. Using them is a bit of an art, and it is a simple one to learn if you just understand that all marketing is, is telling people why your product helps them, or adds value to their life. In fact it is the same thing you should of first determined when developing your product.Β  In one sentence "Why would anyone care?"

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16 thoughts on “Viral Marketing Podcast

  1. admin

    Thank you for listening, do you have any additional sites, links or points of wisdom that you have come across in your searching that you would recommend to others?

  2. admin

    Tom, thank you for the props. We are always looking for ideas regarding upcoming podcasts. We’ve had so much positive response to the Viral Marketing content that we are going to do several more podcasts in the near future covering Viral Marketing Tools and techniques.

  3. admin

    Thank you Jane. We have been on a short hiatus due to extreme business πŸ™‚ but will be putting out a few podcasts this week.

  4. Clint Arzaga

    To market in terms of quality rather than price, and in order to differentiate accordingly, you need to follow the standard format of the 4 P’s marketing plan. That is, Price, Product, Place and Promotion – obviously you know the main attributes of the product, and the price, but for β€˜place’ you should think about the type of people who are willing to pay over 4x price of competing product – whereas the cheap option may be sold where emphasis is on cost, your product will be suited to places/distributors where the customers will be willing to pay for quality. Thank you for this article! I’ve just found a surely surprising news about money Try it!

  5. Summer Camps

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