Entrepreneur – Tapping into your Hidden Reserves


You the Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur, is the tale of many triumphs and long hard work. Knowing how to push past the negativity and find your hidden reserve of strength is a valuable tool in your struggles for success.

We as entrepreneurs are a unique breed. We thrive in challenging situations and we seek out the difficult. This can often put us in a place seemingly impossible to succeed. Pushing past your own limits to find greater heights is often the only way out, well that or giving up, but you wouldn't be a true entrepreneur if you seriously considered that.

In this podcast I talk with serial entrepreneur Murray Smith. This is Part 2 of the Podcasts series with Murray Smith co-author of "the Answer". Which you can win a copy of my joining Success U for free:


The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life

Here are some of the direct links that Murray had referenced during the many podcasts we recorded with him;  The free PDF’s downloads (see below), links to the business growth makeover contest with millions in prizes, and Get the Answer site that references more about Murray and the business growth system he built called Attract more Clients. This system is the summation of 30 years of his life’s work and everything he learned about growing business put together in a simple, user friendly format.

-       http://gettheanswer.com

-       http://www.businessgrowthmakeover.com

-       http://accessmainstreet.com

-       The Test your EQ button on the Mainstreet website will have the following Free PDF Downloads for your listeners:

  • Unique Selling Proposition Examples from many industries
  • Client Profile – Match what you want with what your clients want
  • 3 Ways to make money in business
  • Map the Gap – Helping business owners map the distance from where they are to where they want to be
  • How to think like a Business Millionaire – Vision, Focus and Action

More Resources for you the entrepreneur

Small Business For Dummies

The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything

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Life Lessons – Example of a Success Plan


Life Lessons - Develop a Success Plan

One of the more important life lessons I have discovered as an entrepreneur is to develop a success plan. Rich Harshaw from MyMEssentials.com gives a great example of a Success Plan in his post World's Greatest Car Salesman. The steps he identifies, unique to the market and opportunity, are easily adapted to most traditional sales channels. This post by Rich is one of the better examples of a good business, sales or marketing plan for success that I have come across.

His approach to the car sales experience disaster, that he identifies because of the poor service he received while looking for a new car, is brilliant. The Life Lesson is extraordinarily valuable. In fact it is what we should all strive for when we find that troublesome experience or opportunity in front of us.

He clearly identifies the missing pieces in the sales funnel of his competition and identifies a way to create a strength in his brand from those opportunities.

Recommended books and training about the sales plan and sales cycle:

Platinum Advanced Entrepreneurship Training Library (14 DVDs + 4 Audio CDs and Manuals)

Get Clients Now!(TM): A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches

The Ultimate Marketing Plan

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Viral Marketing Formula for Success


Viral Marketing Formula

The requirements for a successful viral campaign are simple to understand, but often difficult to meet. It starts with giving away a FREE and compelling offer, that acts as a draw.

You will want this free offer to give away great value, so that the people who come to take up your generous offer are receiving real value, and thus have an interest in sharing it with others.

It needs to be easily shareable. A video pushed through You Tube or a free podcast, or white-paper are good examples easily transferable free, and hopefully high value give-aways. But value can also be humor or a prize.

Ideally your free offer directly relates to the product or service you are really wanting the person who receives your free offer to purchase. For example a company that sells and installs windows would be wise to give away a video, and white-paper on how replacing your old windows will save you money, and how to get a tax rebate for doing so, this isn't a perfect example but hopefully you get the general concept.

More Viral Marketing Resources

There is much more information in the podcast, so if you have not already you should listen to it. I highly recommend you also take a listen to our other viral marketing related podcasts:

Becoming Viral

Viral Marketing 101

Here are a few books on the subject that I recommend:

Naked Viral Marketing

The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself

The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly, 2nd Edition

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Building Trust as an Entrepreneur


How to Build Trust as an Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur it is imperative that we build trust. We need team members, clients, investors and colleagues to believe in us. Trust is more than a soft, unknown, feel good, fuzzy thing. It is a measurable and quantifiable asset that is one of the most important to you the Entrepreneur regarding the speed of your business and the overall success of your enterprise. In this Success U Podcast we discuss how taking the time to build trust actually saves time and in the end increases profit.

We started discussing this topic thanks to Steven Covey's Book "The Speed of Trust". This is a must read book for an Entrepreneur. It is not a topic I would normally have sought out, but it came recommended highly from those I trust... So I read it, and now I think every entrepreneur, manager, marketer or sales professional should also read it.

If You are an Entrepreneur You Should Read These Books:

The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything

Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust

Tell us your story as an Entrepreneur in the comments and maybe we will have you on a future podcast!

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Entrepreneur, The Future Now, What Tomorrow?


entrepreneur disorder

Entrepreneur Disorder?

As an Entrepreneur, how do you stay ahead of the market when the only constant is change, and that is accelerating? Trying to keep up is a dizzying task. And as an Entrepreneur it is our role to look ahead, while trying to keep your business out front. In my opinion this is the most difficult part of being a successful Entrepreneur.

In this podcast we try to come to grips with where technology is heading. With this information how will you keep your business on track? or more importantly, how will you the Entrepreneur make the next big thing, knowing that you cannot predict what tomorrow brings. Many of the technologies we think of as just around the corner, are already here. Are you ready for today, little alone the future?

Mobile Entrepreneur

I will give you a big hint, read the book: Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are. You should also consider reading; Mobile Design and Development: Practical Concepts and Techniques for Creating Mobile Sites and Web Apps (Animal Guide), Always On: Language in an Online and Mobile World and Mobile Web Design. Do you notice a theme? The future Internet Entrepreneur is in mobile. In fact I would say the current Internet Entrepreneur is already doing mobile, are you? So what does tomorrow bring?

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You might also want to take a listen to our other Entrepreneur related podcasts.

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Get It Done or Give up Now


You will not succeed in your own business if you do not fully commit to your success. You demonstrate your commitment in every action you make. Every minute spent working for someone else, checking out Facebook, watching tv or anything else not related to your enterprise is a minute your competition has to gain an advantage on you. There is no longer 3 months, 6 months or a year to get your product out into the market. you need to get it out into the hands of your customers NOW. Don't wait for perfection, understand that good enough really is. In the end you must make your own success in business and life..

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Read, Listen or Die!

Road to success - road sign showing the way to...

I'm back, home after spending the last week out of town and away from "the studio". During that week I had a chance to catch up on my reading and listening list. While going through all of the vast array of articles, podcasts and books it struck me that I have not shared with you my Read, Listen or Die list. It's not quite as serious as that, but in terms of the success of your business these blogs, podcasts and books should be considered mandatory.

As a favor to us, we'd ask that you please fill out this listener survey. You will help promote our podcast, and help us to improve.


  1. Master of 500 Hats - Dave is a  flat out stud. He has been involved in just about all of the noteworthy Silicon Valley Start-ups. He is a geek, angel investor and generally a really smart guy. He does not update the blog very often, but when he does the insights he provides are, well valuable.
  2. Danny Asling- A fairly new blog, but has already made two top 100 lists, Danny focuses on Social Media.
  3. An Extension of the Net- This is a community blog for developers, but I have found it extraordinarily valuable in keeping tabs on emerging trends. They consider themselves an online design magazine focused on all things Web Design.
  4. Entreprenuer.com's Blog - A wide range of contributors and a diverse array of topics all relevant to entrepreneurs, this site is one of my daily stops. They cover pretty much everything.
  5. Ben Horowitz's Blog - Ben Horowitz is the co-founder of the VC firm, Andreesen Horowitz and co founder of LoudCloud. He has some great insights from both the entrepreneur and the investor point of view. I read his posts as often as he provides them.
  6. Joel on Software - Explaining development

43 Folders - Merlin Mann's website devoted to setting your priorities and arranging your time and life to fit. He has several great video podcasts and always makes great poignant points.


  1. Business Innovators - Adrian Bye interviews CEO's from top Internet businesses. These podcasts offer great insight into the minds of some of the hottest companies.
  2. Success U - How could I not mention my podcasts, I really do try to make it a valuable tool for the entrepreneur, and I honestly, regularly send customers to listen to old podcasts...
  3. Marketing Over Coffee - Recorded in a local coffee shop, John Wall and Christopher Penn cover both classic and new media marketing in this weekly podcast. They have done some great interviews with people like Seth Godin and James Connor.
  4. The Passionate Entrepreneur- Kenneth Brown hosts this podcast where he covers everything from best practices for sales to becoming more productive, efficient and profitable.
  5. The Small Business Brain- Every week David Wolf interviews a small business leaders to bring you their insights and unique perspectives.


  1. 4 Hour Work Week - I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Every successful entrepreneur I know has read this book, and we all talk about it quite often. Many great tips on leveraging outside vendors to increase your small teams productivity and profit, cheap.
  2. Crush It! - Why Now is the time to cash in on your passion. Gary Vaynerchuk shows how anyone can build a career around the things they are passionate about.
  3. Rework - How to break the rules and make a fortune, this book made me uncomfortable, and challenged my assumptions. This turned out to be a good thing. Short, and direct, you NEED to read this book.
  4. Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress Free Productivity. This book is a kind-of whole life organizing self help book, without the annoying preachy nature of most in the genre. Great book for helping you organize your life.
  5. Social Media Marketing: An Hour A Day- This book is a fantastic introduction into the use of Social Media to market your product or service. This should be considered a must read for anyone planning on using online media.
  6. The E-Myth Revisited - Anyone who is looking to start a new business should read this book. Voted #1 by the Inc 500 CEO's. You should read this first.
  7. Change Your Brain Change Your Life - Question your assumptions and challenge your comfort zones.
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Affiliate Marketing 101


Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Many companies fail when they start out using affiliate marketing. The main reason, misunderstanding how to  attract affiliate marketers to their offer. In this podcast I try to explain the basics behind setting up your affiliate program correctly, and help you understand what an affiliate marketer is really looking for.

Affiliate marketing is not a magic bullet. It is great if you have all of the necessary collateral and system already in place. You will need great landing pages that convert, ads that sell and copy that compels the reader to act. You need to know your keywords and target them effectively. Your on-site seo also needs to be top notch. What it gains you is the credibility and the relationships of your affiliate marketers. I look at them as commission only sales people with tons of experience in my industry.

Also mentioned in this podcast Innovocus now offers a program where we will set-up and manage your affiliate program with no upfront cost to you. And Commission Junction is there first place I would start if I were just starting out.

Affiliate Marketing reading:

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Increase Morale on the Cheap


In today's small and start-up based business it is increasingly important to keep employee morale high. Maintaining high employee confidence is made even more of a challenge in the tough economic conditions we currently find ourselves in. With that in mind we decided to compile a short guide and some ideas to help increase your team morale with little to no cost.

It all comes down to the culture you create. Your business environment is a reflection of you. As the owner or boss you define the corporate culture by your every action and decision. This is especially true when you have a very small team.

Be honest and forthright. Keep everyone well informed. Set the vision and define the goals. Take the opinions and suggestions of others into consideration, and then make a decision. Stick with this decision and lead with confidence, the biggest mistake you can make is being wishy-washy. If you do not show confidence in your decisions, then why would anyone else? Encourage people to innovate, by taking controlled risks, and reward those that pay off. All in all be a good boss and a strong leader.

So besides being a generally good leader and boss there are many things you can do to improve your team morale. For more ideas make sure you listen to the podcast.

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What Would Apple Do?


We started the conversation discussing how to determine the best price point for your product and then went into a wide variety of tools you can use to drive sales online in the first part of this podcast. In this podcast we continue the conversation by looking at one particular company that has done it right… Apple.

There are many ways to look at driving your sales and a plethora of tools to use in doing so. Apple is the prime example of a company who has used many of these tools to develop a unique and profitable brand identity with an almost cult like following. How have they done this? We talk about some of the techniques they use, and we found this great post “What Would Apple Do?”.

Here are several more resources for developing your brand:

First Steps to Developing a Brand Identity

Personal Branding 101

Creating a Brand

Creating the Brand: Halo Effect

Creating a Brand on a Budget

In our next podcast we will put the pieces together for you and walk through the process of developing a unique Brand ID and how to drive sales using this new brand.

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