Marketing Tip – Knowing Your Ideal Clients… Where are They?


Another top Marketing Tip

In this Success U podcast we discuss another very important marketing tip, or more specifically part of the marketing process that Murray Smith decided to share with us. One of the biggest mistakes many of us entrepreneurs and online marketers make is misunderstanding our clients. We don't know who they are, where  they are and most importantly their actual value to us as a customer.

So what is the Marketing Tip?

Listen to the podcast... seriously 😉 This discussion flows around making sure you know the value your ideal client actual represents to you in hard dollars. With this bit of knowledge you can determine your budget for acquiring new customers. You better know your distribution channels, according to Murray there are only 7 of them in the world, and 23 strategies to get new customers. Far more detail is available at Access Main Street.

What, Why and How, this is the meat of the knowledge you must determine with your clients. So the marketing tip is really learning how to find this information.

Another Marketing Tip - Collaboration

Collaboration with seeming competitors is a great way to increase your client pool. We like to partner with other businesses. It is a strong part of our marketing for Innovocus. Find businesses that parallel your own, partners who strengthen your offering, and sell their services or products and encourage them to sell yours.

Quite Marketing to Fear

Hope, collaboration and working with each other is the future of all small business. In a rising tide all boats are floated. Try to build up not tear down. You can not stand alone especially in a global marketplace. main street cannot compete with Wall Street if we compete head on. It is only by joining forces, working together that we can compete.

Here are some of the direct links that Murray has referenced during the many podcasts we recorded with him; The free PDF’s downloads (see below), links to the business growth makeover contest with millions in prizes, and Get the Answer site that references more about Murray and the business growth system he built called Attract more Clients. This system is the summation of 30 years of his life’s work and everything he learned about growing business put together in a simple, user friendly format.




- The Test your EQ button on the Mainstreet website has the following Free PDF Downloads for all Success U listeners:

  • Unique Selling Proposition Examples from many industries
  • Client Profile – Match what you want with what your clients want
  • 3 Ways to make money in business
  • Map the Gap – Helping business owners map the distance from where they are to where they want to be
  • How to think like a Business Millionaire – Vision, Focus and Action


The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life

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You will not succeed in your own business if you do not fully commit to your success. You demonstrate your commitment in every action you make. Every minute spent working for someone else, checking out Facebook, watching tv or anything else not related to your enterprise is a minute your competition has to gain an advantage on you. There is no longer 3 months, 6 months or a year to get your product out into the market. you need to get it out into the hands of your customers NOW. Don't wait for perfection, understand that good enough really is. In the end you must make your own success in business and life..

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