Focus or Fail


The biggest risk to your venture is your inability to focus. By allowing yourself to be distracted by new opportunities you fail to capitalize on the one right in front of you. It can often be difficult, as each new idea has potential, but remember that every time you deviate from the path you have already developed, you are delaying your own ultimate success.

Keep a notebook of ideas you develop along the way, but leave them there. Get your current project through to completion, optimize it, reiterate through it until it succeeds. Then choose the next most viable opportunity and do the same. Many entrepreneurs are fearful of passing on the “Golden Opportunity” and along the way that might happen, but if you try to develop each one you will never complete any of them. So stay focused, keep on the road map that you have developed, and give it everything you’ve got.

Visualize Success


To become and act successful often the first person we must convince is ourselves. I have not yet met an entrepreneur who reached a high level of accomplishment without first being confident in what they were doing and what they were capable of.

It is often amazing how much influence in others we can create by exuding inner confidence. But to look at the inverse, if you do not believe in yourself why would anyone else? Putting it that way it is very clear that you are destined to fail if you do not completely buy-in to your own product.

This sense of self-confidence is often hard to imagine after you’ve been denied, or stalled on one front after another. A simple way to regain your inner strength is to visualize the positive outcome. It might sound silly but it actually works. See yourself reaching the goals, see the hurdles and see yourself overcoming them. See the end positive outcome. Not only does this help you gain confidence it can also point out the pitfalls you might face in getting there.