Entrepreneur Beware Your Own Success

Entrepreneur, Success can be Hard

Success as an Entrepreneur can be it's own challenge, and we are hitting those challenges today. We are working on a great many new things for Success U, tools that will help you succeed. But using these tools ourselves, we have been flooded with, opportunity and this has taken our eyes and time away from you. It has been so busy around here that I have been unable to even get out another podcast, that is already recorded. I am taking a half hour break for the first time in two weeks, just to give everyone an update.

Innovocus and Success U have had many irons in the fire for some time. You need to have a constantly full pipeline with new opportunities, because not all deals will close. So we have had many, many projects lined up.

Several of them came through at the same time. I am currently sitting in a fortune 100 clients conference room at their World HQ, where I will be for several months, Ben has taken up residence in another clients office for the foreseeable future. After the normal 9-5 we both go to our home offices and work on other client projects... Then there are all of the internal projects, such as IplayedThat.com and several others in the skunk works that we work on over the weekends. Right now things would be chaotic if not for our shared understanding and experience with these types of situations.

Entrepreneur Marketing Tips Podcast

The Success U Entrepreneur podcast will resume next week, but will only be once a week on Wednesday's for the next few months and the format will change a bit. We are going to focus on online marketing in all forms, and open up the opportunity for our listeners to ask questions or talk about their product in our podcast. With these changes we we will also be adding new features and a few products to Success U that should help you in your quest to succeed as an Entrepreneur.

Tools for the Entrepreneur

I am creating a series of daily tasks and tutorials that should allow you to radically increase the traffic to your website, legally, ethically and sustainably. Each day will take a couple of hours, and after 90 days you should sit on top of your keywords in google, long term. Most of these tasks you can outsource for about $5 a day but they are easy enough that you can do it yourself.

We are creating how-to video's and daily tips and tricks tutorials that will get the traffic flowing to your website. We are starting to heavily focus on mobile and location based advertising and will show you how to maximize your results for the least cost. We are creating a traffic exchange system that will help all of our members gain a huge amount if inbound links. We are creating a referral network for all our members to raise all ships on a rising tide of success. Our goal is to create a huge, valuable resource for the Entrepreneur who wants to make money online and doesn't want to spend every waking moment doing SEO. We want to make it simple for you to find your success, and allow you to focus on your business.

Books for the Serious Entrepreneur

The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything

How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, Updated Edition

Remember the difference between a successful entrepreneur and a failure is often only determination and focus.

Life Lessons – Example of a Success Plan


Life Lessons - Develop a Success Plan

One of the more important life lessons I have discovered as an entrepreneur is to develop a success plan. Rich Harshaw from MyMEssentials.com gives a great example of a Success Plan in his post World's Greatest Car Salesman. The steps he identifies, unique to the market and opportunity, are easily adapted to most traditional sales channels. This post by Rich is one of the better examples of a good business, sales or marketing plan for success that I have come across.

His approach to the car sales experience disaster, that he identifies because of the poor service he received while looking for a new car, is brilliant. The Life Lesson is extraordinarily valuable. In fact it is what we should all strive for when we find that troublesome experience or opportunity in front of us.

He clearly identifies the missing pieces in the sales funnel of his competition and identifies a way to create a strength in his brand from those opportunities.

Recommended books and training about the sales plan and sales cycle:

Platinum Advanced Entrepreneurship Training Library (14 DVDs + 4 Audio CDs and Manuals)

Get Clients Now!(TM): A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches

The Ultimate Marketing Plan

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Get It Done or Give up Now


You will not succeed in your own business if you do not fully commit to your success. You demonstrate your commitment in every action you make. Every minute spent working for someone else, checking out Facebook, watching tv or anything else not related to your enterprise is a minute your competition has to gain an advantage on you. There is no longer 3 months, 6 months or a year to get your product out into the market. you need to get it out into the hands of your customers NOW. Don't wait for perfection, understand that good enough really is. In the end you must make your own success in business and life..

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Increase Morale on the Cheap


In today's small and start-up based business it is increasingly important to keep employee morale high. Maintaining high employee confidence is made even more of a challenge in the tough economic conditions we currently find ourselves in. With that in mind we decided to compile a short guide and some ideas to help increase your team morale with little to no cost.

It all comes down to the culture you create. Your business environment is a reflection of you. As the owner or boss you define the corporate culture by your every action and decision. This is especially true when you have a very small team.

Be honest and forthright. Keep everyone well informed. Set the vision and define the goals. Take the opinions and suggestions of others into consideration, and then make a decision. Stick with this decision and lead with confidence, the biggest mistake you can make is being wishy-washy. If you do not show confidence in your decisions, then why would anyone else? Encourage people to innovate, by taking controlled risks, and reward those that pay off. All in all be a good boss and a strong leader.

So besides being a generally good leader and boss there are many things you can do to improve your team morale. For more ideas make sure you listen to the podcast.

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Driving Online Sales


Part one in a two part series on generating sales by using several simple and effective tactics. In this podcast Ben and Christian debate how pricing will effect your online sales and how several other factors such as affiliate marketers can radically increase your sales.

Creating exclusivity for your product is a major driver for sales. By creating the sense of urgency you help a prospect come to a decision rather than delaying. Your goal is not to force them into action but to give them an incentive to do so. Exclusivity can be created in several ways, higher price point, limited availability, limited duration, limited quantity.

Here are a few other resources:

Tips for Maximizing Sales

8 Ways to Attract Affiliates

15 Reasons Your Affiliate Campaign is not Working

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Focus or Fail


The biggest risk to your venture is your inability to focus. By allowing yourself to be distracted by new opportunities you fail to capitalize on the one right in front of you. It can often be difficult, as each new idea has potential, but remember that every time you deviate from the path you have already developed, you are delaying your own ultimate success.

Keep a notebook of ideas you develop along the way, but leave them there. Get your current project through to completion, optimize it, reiterate through it until it succeeds. Then choose the next most viable opportunity and do the same. Many entrepreneurs are fearful of passing on the “Golden Opportunity” and along the way that might happen, but if you try to develop each one you will never complete any of them. So stay focused, keep on the road map that you have developed, and give it everything you’ve got.

Visualize Success


To become and act successful often the first person we must convince is ourselves. I have not yet met an entrepreneur who reached a high level of accomplishment without first being confident in what they were doing and what they were capable of.

It is often amazing how much influence in others we can create by exuding inner confidence. But to look at the inverse, if you do not believe in yourself why would anyone else? Putting it that way it is very clear that you are destined to fail if you do not completely buy-in to your own product.

This sense of self-confidence is often hard to imagine after you’ve been denied, or stalled on one front after another. A simple way to regain your inner strength is to visualize the positive outcome. It might sound silly but it actually works. See yourself reaching the goals, see the hurdles and see yourself overcoming them. See the end positive outcome. Not only does this help you gain confidence it can also point out the pitfalls you might face in getting there.

The Blues Keep Success Away


Letting the negative things in your life interfere with your potential will stop you from reaching your potential. In other words, stay positive. Let nothing bring you down. It is imperative that you look for the good in all situations.

Easier said than done, right? Well in truth whatever you think is true. If you believe you can accomplish something, then you can, if you believe you will fail then you will. Saying “I can’t” and believing “I will fail” makes it a certainty.

No one who ever achieved success, believed they would fail. In fact, often the team or individual is the only one that has faith in their future success. How many times have you read the story of someone who has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve greatness? All their family and friends said they could not do it. But they pressed on regardless to all of the negativity from their associates.

Viral Marketing Podcast

Street sign which says Business

In this podcast I talk about viral marketing, what it means, and how you can use it to sell your products or services. Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing are very closely related and both are parts of the same whole. Using them is a bit of an art, and it is a simple one to learn if you just understand that all marketing is, is telling people why your product helps them, or adds value to their life. In fact it is the same thing you should of first determined when developing your product.  In one sentence "Why would anyone care?"

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